I’m a professionally trained actress and have also appeared as a spanking model for some of the top spanking sites, most usually as a bratty naughty teenage schoolgirl character, which I pretty much still am in my private life, but that’s another complicated story!.

From ‘Ironing Out Bad Behaviour’ – available from Spanking Library and Loyal Fans (see links below)

I’ve always loved acting and after seeing some spanking films and loving them I decided I HAD to be the girl in them too. I was approached by a famous Janus magazine photographer who saw my home photos and offered to help me get me established as a spanking model. Armed with a wonderful collection of his photos I set up my own website ‘The Trouble with Emma’ and made my own film series which very quickly became popular.

Before long I was working as a spanking model for some top spanking sites, attending professional spanking parties and doing 1-2-1 role play situations. My modelling career, this website and serial blogging, reached large kink audiences in a time before influencers and ‘likes’.

I’m told I’m a ‘spanking celebrity’, which is amazing considering I fell into the role and was only in around 20 films. I ‘retired’ for the wrong reasons and said “never again”…but you know what, you can’t keep a good, I mean naughty, girl down so I am back and always interested in new photos and films if anyone wants to work with me. My much loved website has been returned to its rightful owner, so I hope you enjoy my work.